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Soil Science Faculty
MSc "Natural Resources Management for Food Security"
The program provides opportunities for candidates interested in Natural Resources Management for Food Security to become a professional leader and an independent scholar.
The Program advances understanding of Natural Resources and its management through research development and improving the environment for food Security.
The focus of this program is on the fundamental areas of agriculture, ecology, environmental protection, and management. It is aimed at evaluation and analysis of various land use systems to determine the long-term sustainable management practices and land restoration for the conservation of natural resources and enhanced food security.
The program covers the fundamentals of land economics and governance contextualized to the different regions, including Russian Federation, Central Asia and the Caucasus, and explores the links between land resources and food security through theory and practice of land economics.
·  Develop an understanding of:
o         Theories and principles on land resource management
o         Land use planning and sustainable land uses
o         Land management practices and land restoration to improve land productivity, resilience and food security
· Analyse world land resources by farm, region, country and at global scale
· Basics of land ownership, privatization, land ownership rights, and multiple land tenure systems by regions
· Develop an appreciation for rational use of land resources and sustainable land and resource management
· Knowledge of natural resource management theories and principles for food security
Program structure
First Year of STUDY

Academic courses:
•         Ecological Principles of Natural Resources and Agroecosystem Management
•         Fundamentals of Food Security
•         Sustainable Agriculture and Development
•         GIS Applications in Environmental and Soils Research
•         Soil and Ecological Fundamentals for Landscape Management
•         Foreign Language
•         Philosophy

•         Environmental Rationing (Quality Standards, Quality Guidelines, Pollution Control Criteria) for Food Security
•         Ecotoxicology
•         Precision Agriculture
•         Environmental Management
•         Methods for Monitoring Land and Water Resources

Summer practice Internship

Second Year of STUDY

Academic courses:
•         Fundamentals of Land Resource Management
•         Land Remediation and Soil Fertility Restoration
•         Climate Change and Desertification
•         Water Resources Management
•         Land Economics
•         Food Safety and Quality
•         Foreign Language
•         Philosophy

•         Environmental Impact Assessment for Sustainable Land Use
•         Soil Ecological Functions
•         Mineral Fertilizers and Green Technologies
•         Ecosystem Services in Agriculture and Water Management
•         Soil reclamation

Master’s Thesis
The defense of your own research project
•         Bachelor, Specialist, or Master’s Degree in in a natural science (Agriculture, Soil Science, Environmental Science, etc.)
•         English fluency (level B2 advanced)
•         Internationally-minded students with proven academic excellence

•         Entry exams in Ecology and English Testing

•        June 15 – July 20, 2023: submission of documents (remotely);
•        July – August 2023: entrance examinations (remotely);
•        August 2023: enrollment in the MSU program
•        Come study at Moscow State University on September 1, 2023

Admission to the Program follows the same general procedure of admission to the Moscow State University:
Dr Catherine Kovaleva, curator of the program

Dr Olga Yakimenko