Virtual Open Day for International Applicants
about the professors of MSU:
  • “I can say with confidence that during the entire study period there was no situation when we asked a teacher or researcher a question which remained unanswered. Everyone is ready to help!”
    Shakhnozabonu Aliyeva (Tajikistan)
    Faculty of Materials Science
  • "Here are the best professors, each of them speaks at least one or two oriental languages. They tried their best to transfer knowledge to us and are very demanding of their students."
    Gao Dai (China)
    Institute of Asian and African Countries (Faculty), Moscow State University
  • "Teachers always prepare professional and polished presentations for classes. Professors are always very respectful of international students. Teachers send many teaching materials by e-mail in advance so that you can preview them and understand what you are going to study."
    Bai Yizhan (China)
    Faculty of Public Administration, Moscow State University
  • "There are professors with whom it is especially joyful to meet and listen to their lectures. The depth of their knowledge is the value of this university!"
    Dmitry Boyarskis (Latvia)
    Faculty of Soil Science, Moscow State University
about the combination of theory and practice in the studying process at Moscow State University:
  • "The lectures and seminars were full of important examples and professional advice from the masters of their craft. The study took place both in classrooms and in museums, laboratories. The laboratory sessions were extremely useful. These classes colored letters in textbooks into real objects. Archaeological practice is a joyful event of the year, there we practiced the acquired knowledge and skills."
    Andres Rueda Rumyantsev (Colombia)
    Faculty of History, Moscow State University
  • "By becoming a student, you acquire a unique opportunity to communicate with the best professionals in your field of activity, who will lead you not to systematize knowledge of legislation, but to understand the functioning of law."
    Vladimir Bachu (Moldova)
    Faculty of Law, Moscow State University
  • "Teachers do not just "stuff" students with information - they make them think and create! The teachers of the Graduate School of Business are excellent specialists who are happy to share their experience. All of them are active businessmen, recruiters, managers and marketers. Lectures at the faculty are not just slides with theoretical information, these are ready-made manuals for practical application. There was not a single lecture on which I would be bored or uninteresting. Special guests were invited to some of the classes - speakers, authors of books, top managers of international companies, researchers".
    Valeria Kan (Uzbekistan)
    Business School (Faculty), Moscow State University
  • "The Faculty of Materials Science employs a large number of renowned academicians and professors with extensive theoretical knowledge and practical experience. FMS has created laboratories for functional materials in various fields, which allows students to participate in professional fundamental research of materials. Mode of a small study group for a seminar and special course gives each student the opportunity to discuss the subject with the teacher, which allows them to more firmly assimilate knowledge."
    Yang Lili (China)
    Faculty of Materials Science, Moscow State University
about the student life and atmosphere at Moscow State University:
  • "The activity of student clubs at the faculty expands the range of your interests and gives you a unique experience. In addition, all faculty members in the process of adapting to cultural and social life in Russia provide students with invaluable assistance, moral and legal support."
    Kolot Burak (Turkey)
    Faculty of History, Moscow State University
  • "I learned a lot here and also made friends with friendly Russian classmates. The Faculty of Economics not only provides a very good quality of instruction, but also excellent learning resources and learning environment, and organizes many enjoyable extracurricular activities to enrich our lives."
    Ming Chen (China)
    Economics Faculty of Moscow State University
  • "Russian classmates often help us, explain to us mistakes in our homework. Such a warm attitude allowed foreign students who went to study in another country to feel the warmth of a large family. In the dormitory, I not only used a favorable language environment to improve the Russian language, but also acquired a lot friends. Thanks to communication with them, I got to know more deeply the national culture of Russia and its customs."
    Wang Xiaoyin (China)
    Graduate School of Contemporary Social Sciences (Faculty), Moscow State University
  • "I have found many friends here who help me understand Russian culture and its kind people."
    Samuel Matejichka (Slovakia)
    Faculty of Global Processes, Moscow State University