Science Man is a project designed to break stereotypes about scientists.
Science Man is a project designed to break stereotypes about scientists.
On this page you can learn about the world of science with the help of young specialists and researchers from Lomonosov Moscow State University who are passionate about their work.
You can see the leading research centers and laboratories of Moscow State University and their life from the inside.
Pavel Makarevich, PhD in Medical Sciences, will talk about his work as Head of the laboratory of gene-cell therapy at the Institute of Regenerative Medicine, Moscow State University. Regenerative medicine is a fairly young science at the intersection of cell biology and biochemistry. The laboratory studies how and why living organisms recover from damage and how this knowledge can be applied to accelerate healing processes. Regenerative medicine has a great future and it will find its place between basic research and practical medical tasks.

Pavel talks about the path to his current position in science and becoming a scientist. He managed to try himself as a practicing doctor, but eventually he decided to connect his life with fundamental research. To become a scientist, according to Makarevich, the main thing is to be ready to study all your life and delve into research.
Health is one of the most important things nowadays. You should also not forget about your psychological well-being. A timely appeal to a therapist can help to solve many problems. It can help to sort out thoughts and feelings and "tame the cockroaches in our heads". Alexander Rikel, PhD in Psychology, Associate Professor of the Department of Social Psychology and Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Psychology of Moscow State University for Student Affairs, will tell you more about the profession of a psychologist.

He will talk about the role of the psychologist in modern society and answer why psychology still does not lose its relevance, as well as what impact can social psychology make on human life in the future. From the psychology point of view, Alexander will answer a very important question: "Why should you do what you like?"
Today we will meet Violetta Shanina, PhD in Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Research Fellow at the Geological Faculty of Moscow State University. Violetta is researching volcanic rocks. In the video, she will talk about the difficulties that geologists meet in their work, the importance and practical application of their research, and will answer the question about what qualities a modern scientist should have.
The life of any person is inextricably connected with the economy, including scientists. Daria Chashkina, a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Economics at Moscow State University and Head of the Moscow State University Business Club, will present her vision of a successful economist of the future. Daria will advise the future students on how to enter the Moscow State University, and she will give some tips to the future graduates about how to build a successful scientific career.