MSU Virtual Open Day
Faculty of Biology
MSc "Fundamental and Systemic Ecology"
The program in Ecology at Lomonosov Moscow State University is a complete Master level degree program provided by Lomonosov MSU Faculty of Biology, the leading academic institution of Russia. The program is aimed at training highly qualified specialists with profound knowledge and expertise in the field of general and applied ecology. A Master will be able to successfully deal with conceptual issues and practical problems related to various subflields of ecology and environmental science. A Master will be ready to function as an expert in making decisions regarding complex situations and controversial issues related to environmental management and protection.
MSc "Nanobiotechnology"
"Nanobiotechnology and Biophysics" is intended for prospective highly qualified professionals with in-depth knowledge in of modern biophysics, molecular biology and nanobiotechnology. After completing the course Master shall be able to put and solve problems related to fundamental theoretical and experimental research and applications in different areas of modern nanobiotechnology in a variety of objects (molecules, quantum dots, colloidal nanostructures, cells, biochips, crystals, etc.), and apply up-to-date methods of biophysics, biochemistry, molecular biology, biotechnology and bioinformatics to obtain new knowledge and also to develop effective methodology. Our graduates shall have not only theoretical knowledge, but shall be fluent in modern physico-chemical and biotechnological methods, making use of precise methodology to effective gain signal and the spectral information from live cells. We also expect him/her to be well-aware of the principles of how biotech markets run.
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